Are you in control of your website?

It is easy to get the website made by anyone. And it is also easy to get fooled by your service provider. As a customer it is very important to keep your website safe and also totally in your control. Today I will be informing you some secret questions which most of the website designers don’t want you to ask them. Let’s see what are these questions and how are these questions important for you as a customer:

Questions about your domain:

Q1: Whose details will be mentioned as the owner of the domain?

Q2: What will be the renewal cost of the domain next year?

Q3: Who will have control over the password and the domain panel?

Questions about your Hosting:

Q4: Will I get the hosting Id and Password and control over the cpanel?

Q5: Where is the server located?

Q6: Can I take the backup of my website?

Question about the website:

Q7: Will you do On Page SEO in my website?

Q8: In future can I get into trouble if I use Google images in my website?