Is replying to reviews Important?

This is the era of technology and businesses which wont value technology will be left behind the league. Days have gone by when sales person used to sell a pen on a high cost. Now if the sales person does it then the smart customers would give a very harsh review. As a result, everyone would know about it and slowly the business will either be in loss or else it will be shutdown. 

Therefore, It is very necessary that a business should take care of their reputation, the quality of their products or services and above all the reviews they get. It is necessary for any business to reply amicably the reviews they get and should also make sure that the customer should get a good solution, which would make him or her happy. 

If you are not replying to the reviews then a customer would understand that your business has a bad attitude or that you wont care for your customers at all. Hence, never ignore a customer and never think that the customer can be fooled. Don’t try to be smarter than the customer because if you do then trust me customers are much smarter and don’t underestimate them. 

Sales tips for sales people

Sales Tips

Appearance: Its the common understanding of every sales person that only Professional clothing works for every kind of sales. Well, its a wrong notion I don’t created or invented by whom. 

It is necessary to get in a dress as per the place you are visiting. If you are meeting your client at club, restaurant or a coffee shop then please don’t go there in a professional Suit. In this era people don’t want to meet a sales person who is going to somehow sell his product or service to the customer, instead people want a consultant who would first understand the customer and then offer products or service which is useful for the business of the customer. For such places please wear a semi casual or semi professional dress. Always keep in your mind that 1st appearance matters, so wearing an appearance as per the place matters a lot.

Service or Product and Competitors Knowledge: Don’t meet your customers unprepared. If you do so you will certainly put the last nail on your business with that client. Clients are not fools they love to ask questions which they feel that might be difficult for you to answer. So are you prepared for those questions? Do you have a good know how about your competitors? If you feel your competitors are giving better service or product then cancel the meeting with your client and setup a meeting with the person in your company who has the authority to create better services or products. Because if you don’t have a USP, then you are already a dead sales person.

Confident and Right Attitude: Well, this is quite simple but hard for some to follow. If you think your product is not needed by the customer or if you think you won’t be able to sell to the customer then better cancel the appointment because you are going to meet the customer to waste your and your customers time. MOST IMPORTANT: Your customer is not a fool, so don’t speak to your customer as if only you know everything and the customer doesn’t.

Always go for Big Kills: Never target small business, if you do then you will always find it difficult to cover your targets. Even with small customers go for big kills, you might get only a small business but then your customer know that you and your company is capable of handling big orders. Always remember you get the business which you ask for. So never ask for less business from your customer. It is completely fine to get less business in the beginning but if you had asked for a big business from your client then 1 day you will certainly get big business from that client or else he will refer someone to you who will give you big business. 

There are more tips in my mind but will add them later as I am short of time, Till then if you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments 🙂

Is it difficult in reaching customers?

For any business the most difficult part is reaching its customers. Then the next difficult question is that “Are you reaching customers with what they need or what you want to sell?”

Now lets try to understand that why most of the sales men with suave personality and good product knowledge fail in selling. The answer is very simple their strategy of selling is “fooling the customer”. The sales people were taught that they should be able to sell any thing to anyone and unfortunately they still follow the same rule. Since ages it is being taught to the sales people that they should be able to sell a pen to even the person who is not in need. So create need by asking/creating some stupid question’s/scenario’s and somehow sell the product to the customer. Well that is called “FOOLING THE CUSTOMER”.

Since ages fooling the customers doesn’t work with smart customers and then the whole blame is on the sales person but not on the sales strategy.

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