Magical Water Therapy

Water is the Miracle Therapy for almost all the ailments or pain or sickness. But there are some Do’s and Don’ts:
Do’s: 1. Drink 7 litres of water till 6 PM. Because you don’t want to go to washroom in the middle of your sleep.2. I know it is difficult to drink so much of water. But you can use some strategies. like drink with natural flavors. For example: cut a piece of strawberry or any other berry or lemon or watermelon BUT DON’T ADD SUGAR OR SALT IN IT.
1. DO NOT ADD SUGAR OR SALT. 2. Do not drink to an extent which will make you vomit. 3. Do not exceed water therapy for more than 4 days. Still if you must then don’t drink more than 3 litres of water in a day. Other than toxins you also loose essential minerals from your body if you prolong the therapy. 4. DO not think that having other fluids is equal to having water. IT IS NOT.
P.S.: .1% people might have issues with excessive water intake. Therefore, there is no harm to consult your doctor before starting this therapy.





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