Is it difficult in reaching customers?

For any business the most difficult part is reaching its customers. Then the next difficult question is that “Are you reaching customers with what they need or what you want to sell?”

Now lets try to understand that why most of the sales men with suave personality and good product knowledge fail in selling. The answer is very simple their strategy of selling is “fooling the customer”. The sales people were taught that they should be able to sell any thing to anyone and unfortunately they still follow the same rule. Since ages it is being taught to the sales people that they should be able to sell a pen to even the person who is not in need. So create need by asking/creating some stupid question’s/scenario’s and somehow sell the product to the customer. Well that is called “FOOLING THE CUSTOMER”.

Since ages fooling the customers doesn’t work with smart customers and then the whole blame is on the sales person but not on the sales strategy.

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P.S: No question is stupid or intellectual. But asking the same is the best medium to attain great knowledge

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